Price change due to Japanese consumption tax increase

Thank you for using DHC.

The Japanese consumption tax rate will be raised to 10% starting from October 1, 2019, and DHC product's consumption tax rate will also change accordingly. (Unit price excluding tax will not change).

Please note that orders made from October 1, 2019 will be charged with the new consumption tax rate (10%) for the following product categories: cosmetics, medicated cosmetic, medicine (drug), sake, beer, genetic testing kit, pet supplies, aparel and accessories.

Reduced tax rate (8%) will be applied to health supplements, food, and water. (Unit price including tax will not change.)

DHC will keep on delivering quality products to support customer’s beauty and health.

DHC Corporation

Server maintenance

Due to server maintenance, orders cannot be made during below period:

Online shop (PC/Mobile)

From September 30, 23:45 to October 1, 0:45

Mail order

From September 30, 23:45 to October 1, 0:00


Shipping fee:

Free shipping over 3,780 JPY Japan-wide.
This does not change after October 1. For purchases under 3,780 JPY (tax included), a shipping fee of 500 JPY (fixed price for Japan nationwide) will apply.
*Except for orders of DHC Deep Sea Water. We will charge an additional shipping fee per box according to the shipping area.

September 5, 2019