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About Your Security

The DHC Japan Official Online Store uses SSL (special encryption technology) to encrypt personal information (name, phone number, address, credit card number, email address) and communicates with a strong security system. When encrypted communication mode is activated, a lock icon is displayed at the bottom of the browser or in the address bar.

We constantly monitor security on our site to prevent unauthorized access to customer information.

We manage customers' personal information and order processing within a secure security environment that cannot be accessed from the internet. This prevents the danger of data leakage due to unauthorized access, so you can enjoy shopping with confidence.



PC Settings

Browser version

For an optimum experience, we recommend you use browser version IE11 or above or the latest edition of Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

If the connection was interrupted while loading

In rare cases, your internet connection may be interrupted due to high traffic. If this happens, the items in your cart will remain but your order will not be completed unless you create a profile and click the "FINAL CHECKOUT" button. When your order is completed, you can see the details on the "Order History" page in My DHC.

Product color

We try to portray the closest possible colors to the original color for our makeup products. However, please keep in mind that depending on the environment where the page is viewed, the color may differ.

If your order confirmation email has not arrived

After clicking "FINAL CHECKOUT," an Order Confirmation email will be sent automatically to your registered email address. However, in rare cases, this email will not arrive because of an error in the registered email address information. If this happens, please confirm your order status at "My DHC."
*For other problems with page display, please contact us from "Contact Form" in Japanese. Please make sure to note your computer’s operating system (OS), type and version of your browser, and time of the incident. Please note that we may not be able to respond to all inquiries.

Smartphone Users

When DHC Japan Official Online Stor is accessed by smartphone, it will automatically connect to the smartphone version.
*Some pages are displayed in the PC version.

Recommended system environment

For smartphones, we recommend the following environment:
iOS: 8.0 or later     Safari (latest edition)
Android: 4.4 or later, FireFox, Chrome (latest edition)
*We only support smartphone models sold in Japan.