Calcium + CBP (90-Day Supply)

[Food with nutrient function claims (Calcium)]
For a stronger and more enduring body structure! CBP is added to support calcium absorption

Calcium + CBP (90-Day Supply)

Also available in 30-Day Supply

More than 320 million sold!*
*Total sales of DHC Vitamin & Mineral series from Nov. 1995 through Jun. 30, 2020

  1. No. 1 in Bone/Joint/Muscle Support Supplement Market Share—"H.B. Foods Marketing Handbook 2020 Vol. 2", Fuji Keizai (based on the total sales of the product category in 2018)
Recommended daily intake:
4 tablets per day

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Item No.

For a stronger and more enduring body structure! CBP is added to support calcium absorption

Calcium + CBP is recommended for efficiently ensuring that your body takes in enough calcium. CBP (concentrated whey active protein found in milk) is added to enhance absorption and retention of calcium to support the density and thickness of your body structure. Formulated with CBP, calcium and vitamin D3, three major ingredients that support a strong body and healthy life. Milky-tasting chewable tablet is easy for children and elderly to intake.

Nutritional Function Information

  • Calcium is necessary in the formation of bones and teeth.

[Name] Food including calcium

[Ingredients] Non-calcinated eggshell calcium (contains egg) (made in Japan), powder sugar, cornstarch, concentrated bovine-milk whey active protein (contains milk ingredients), calcium stearate, silicon dioxide microparticles, shellac, carnauba wax, vitamin D3

[Net Weight] 162.0 g [weight per tablet 450 mg x 360 tablets]

[Nutrition Facts] [per 1,800 mg (450-mg tablet x 4)] Calories 3.1 kcal, protein 0.03 g, total fat 0.05 g, total carbohydrate 0.63 g, sodium chloride equivalent 0.002 g, calcium 370 mg (54), vitamin D 0.07 μg, CBP (concentrated bovine-milk whey active protein) 12 mg

  • *In bracket: amount in percent compared to "nutrient reference values".
Directions for Use

Follow recommended daily intake (4 tablets).

  • *Take with water or lukewarm water, or chew without liquid.
  • *Consuming a large quantity of this product does not cure disease or promote health. Please follow the recommended daily intake.
  • *Unlike Foods for Specified Health Uses, the product is not individually pre-approved by the Secretary-General of the Consumer Affairs Agency.

Precautions for Health Supplements

  • *Do not exceed indicated recommended daily intake.
  • *Stop using in case of unexpected reaction or illness.
  • *A list of 27 allergens/specific raw materials is printed on the package label. Confirm the ingredients before consuming to avoid unwanted reactions.
  • *Consult a doctor before using if you are pregnant or undergoing medical treatment.
  • *Supplements are foods and are appropriate for intake at any time. For optimal digestion and absorption, take after meals. Intake recommendations at other times are noted above if applicable.
  • *Eat a balanced diet including grains, proteins and vegetables.

  • Precautions for Storage

    • *Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity.
    • *Keep out of the reach of children.
    • *Keep the package tightly closed and consume promptly after opening.