DHC Medicated BB Cream Germanium

A one-step BB cream to give your complexion a perfect radiant finish. Enhanced with brightening, toning skin essence

40 g
Medicated cosmetic
5 colors SPF35, PA+++

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A one-step BB cream to give your complexion a perfect radiant finish. Enhanced with brightening, toning skin essence

5 color variations. Find your perfect shade!

Our brightening medicated BB cream deeply moisturizes and illuminates your skin. Spreads smoothly to provide midweight coverage, blurring fine lines, pores and dark spots while protecting your skin from UV radiation.
Formulated with water-soluble organic germanium and tranexamate, a medicated brightening essence that suppresses dark spots and freckles by slowing melanin production. This 6-functions-in-one BB cream works as (1) a rich moisturizing beauty essence; (2) a brightening beauty essence; (3) a makeup primer; (4) an SPF35 sunscreen; (5) a foundation; and (6) a concealer. Enjoy a radiant finish with this quick and simple-to-use BB cream.

No added fragrance, colorants, parabens or UV absorbers.

Formulated with Asai Germanium

Discovered in Japan by Dr. Kazuhiko Asai, Asai Germanium is a naturally derived antioxidant made with organic germanium, which is found in many natural sources, including ginseng and other Asian botanicals. It's known throughout Asia for its oxygenation benefits and for encouraging natural cell turnover.


Medicated cosmetic.
Designated ingredients: None

How to Use
  1. Pump applicator a few times to dispense the BB cream at first use.
  2. Dispense one pump on the back of your hand.
  3. Dot a small amount of BB cream where indicated on the image below. Gently smooth the cream outward from center to the edges of your face.

Pair with DHC Medicated BB Mineral Powder Germanium (Refill)

  • *You cannot remove the pump. The container is designed to avoid contact with air.
  • *After using, wipe off any remaining cream on the mouth of the pump, and close the cap tightly.

Precautions for Cosmetic Products

  • *If the cosmetic product does not agree with your skin and you experience the following symptoms, stop using immediately and consult a dermatologist. Continued use may aggravate the symptoms.
    (1) When an abnormality such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss (vitiligo etc.) or darkening appears during use.
    (2) When the above symptoms appear after exposure to direct sunlight.
  • *Do not apply on cuts, wounds, rash, inflammation or other skin abnormalities.
  • *Ingredient names of some products may be partially modified.
Click here for information about cosmetic ingredient labeling

Precautions for Storage

  • *Close the cap tightly after use.
  • *Avoid direct sunlight and extremely high-temperature and high-humidity environments.
  • *Keep out of the reach of children.