DHC Olive Virgin Oil

100% organic beauty oil from the fruit of the olive tree

DHC Olive Virgin Oil

More than 49 million sold!*
*Total sales of DHC Olive Virgin Oil (all packages inclusive) from Feb. 1993 through Aug. 31, 2019

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100% organic beauty oil from the fruit of the olive tree

DHC Olive Virgin Oil is a 100% natural beauty oil that gently protects your skin from roughness and signs of aging and imparts a healthy glow. This hydrophilic oil blends easily with water and melts into skin, leaving your complexion smooth and radiant. Just one drop of this oil is enough to moisturize your entire face.

The olive fruit contains rich beauty-supporting ingredients such as oleic acid, vitamin E and vitamin A, and the oil of this precious fruit has long been considered to be good for health and beauty.

Olive oil made from fresh green olives has hydrophilic characteristics that enable it to blend easily with water. Focusing on this characteristic, DHC uses only the organic extra virgin olive oil made from fresh organic olives for our beauty oil.

To ensure its high quality and purity, DHC Olive Virgin Oil contains no preservatives of any kind. Also, its acid value is only 0.1, whereas the acid value for standard olive oils used in medicated cosmetics is 1—a lower acid value indicates higher quality.

Rich in natural beauty essences, this organic plant oil is beneficial for all skin types, from sensitive to oily, and can be used by women and men, adults and children. Also recommended for body care and hair care.

For best results, use with other DHC Olive Sube-Sube series products.

No added fragrance, colorants or parabens. 100% natural.

A high-quality cosmetic product formulated only with precious organic olives that pass strict standards.

The oil used for DHC Olive Virgin Oil is sourced from an olive oil producer who, in 2011, was named the best and longest-producing organic olive oil manufacturer in Spain by the EU organic certification body CAAE.

Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world, but only about 2%* of its production is organic. DHC focuses on a precious oil that has a higher standard even than the top-grade extra virgin olive oil—a rare oil that can be harvested only in very small amounts. This precious olive oil is made from Flor de Aceite (Flower of the Oil), the juice that drops from the fresh green handpicked organic olives obtained from stone mill–crushed olive fruit. Compared with a top-grade extra virgin olive oil, the quantity of oil that can be obtained from Flor de Aceite is much less, which is why this oil is so valuable.

To use this precious oil for skincare, the impurities need to be carefully removed without disturbing the oil’s power to protect and beautify the skin. DHC’s researchers met the challenge, and after countless trials and tests, DHC Olive Virgin Oil was born.

Since its launch in 1980, this refreshing, skin-friendly, 100% natural beauty oil has been loved by customers worldwide.

  • *AICA (Agencia de Información y Control Alimentarios), based on the data from Oct. 2015 through Sep. 2016.

Customer Reviews

  • DHC Olive Virgin Oil is not just a facial oil, but can be used as a hair oil after shampoo. Just one bottle does a great job! —Masae

  • I use this oil as the very last step in my skincare routine. It seals in the moisture and keeps my skin hydrated, but doesn't feel oily. I also use it on my body. —Shuko

  • I've been using this oil on my body and hair since it felt too oily for my face. But after I found out that applying it right after toner/lotion while my face is still damp makes my skin feel smooth and refreshed. Now I use it every day. —Yumi

Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil

How to Use
  1. Dispense one pump into palms and rub hands together to warm.
  2. Gently smooth the oil over your face with palms.
  3. Press and hold palms on different parts of your face so that the oil spreads evenly.
  4. Press the oil remaining on your palms into dry areas of your hands, legs and hair.
  • *You only need a small amount to cover your face. Take care not to apply too much.
  • *The oil may appear cloudy at low temperatures, but this is because of the nature of virgin olive oil. There is no problem with the product or its quality.

Precautions for Cosmetic Products

  • *If the cosmetic product does not agree with your skin and you experience the following symptoms, stop using immediately and consult a dermatologist. Continued use may aggravate the symptoms.
    (1) When an abnormality such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss (vitiligo etc.) or darkening appears during use.
    (2) When the above symptoms appear after exposure to direct sunlight.
  • *Do not apply on cuts, wounds, rash, inflammation or other skin abnormalities.
  • *Ingredient names of some products may be partially modified.
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Precautions for Storage

  • *Close the cap tightly after use.
  • *Avoid direct sunlight and extremely high-temperature and high-humidity environments.
  • *Keep out of the reach of children.