Information about cosmetic ingredient labeling

According to Japan's Pharmaceutical Medical Devices Act, labeling of all ingredients is mandatory for all cosmetic products in Japan. DHC labels all ingredients on the packaging and on its website.
Quasi-Drugs (Medicated Cosmetics):
Products with "medicated" in the name or classified as quasi-drugs and do not require labeling of all ingredients. However, certain ingredients require labeling to alert users to the possibility of allergic reaction. DHC labels these listed ingredients on the packaging and on the website.
  • *Certain ingredients are usually harmless, but in rare cases may cause allergic reactions.

What is medicated cosmetic?

Medicated cosmetic is labeled "medicated" and contains ingredients certified to be effective on skin problems or to prevent skin damage. After earning certification and approval for manufacture from Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the manufacturer is permitted to describe the product's effects on its label.
In order to be certified and approved for manufacture by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, strict regulations and inspections are imposed. The manufacturer must conform to regulations concerning concentrations of the active ingredients, safety and quality assurance, and manufacturing practices and other criteria at a certified factory for medicated cosmetic.

Although medicated cosmetic is formulated to bring about certain effects, it is as skin friendly as other cosmetic products and can be used every day.

How to store cosmetics

Cosmetics are produced to be storage in room temperature. Please avoid direct sunlight, hot and humid rooms. There is no need to store in refrigerator when not specified.

After using, make sure to close the lid tight, and Keep out of the reach of infants.

Health Supplements

Expiration dates and how to store supplements

Most DHC health supplements are labeled with an (unopened) expiration date indicated by the last 2 digits of the year and month (Ex.: 18.05 > end of May 2018).

After opening a package of supplement tablets or capsules, close the package tightly and avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity. Do not refrigerate, otherwise specified on the package. Finish the product within 3 months.

After opening supplement drinks (except those in 750ml bottles), refrigerate the bottle and finish it as soon as possible (recommended) and within 1 month at the latest.

Some products are packaged with a packet of desiccant, and some aren't. Why?

DHC determines whether or not to include food desiccants or oxygen absorbers to health supplements, according to the formulation of the product. There are products which may include both, either one, or none at all.

How to get the maximum benefit from health supplements

Health supplements are foods and are appropriate to take at any time. Please do not consume quantities over the recommended daily limit.
Supplements work gently and their effects vary between users. Please allow up to 3 months to notice benefits. If there are no side effects, you can continue intake.

Consuming supplements and medicines together

The effect of taking supplements and medication together varies by each combination. If you are undergoing medical treatment, please ask your doctor about the possible effects before taking supplements along with your prescribed medications.

Notice about use by infants and pregnant or breastfeeding women

Notice about use by infants and pregnant or breastfeeding women

If a product is not intended for use by infants or pregnant or breastfeeding women, this information will be disclosed on the packaging or on the website. Please consult a doctor before use.
Health Supplements:
Pregnant or breastfeeding women can consume most supplements. However, if a product is not intended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women, infants, children and minors under age 20 (for example, products that can affect hormonal balance or foods with functional claims), this information will be disclosed on the packaging or on the website.
There are products that we do not recommend for pregnant women due to the characteristics and effects of the product, such as diet products. Please consult a doctor before use.
Notice about use by children

Notice about use by children

There are products that are not recommended for children of certain ages. A warning on the label will indicate which of our products is not recommended for children. In adddition, diet products are not recommended for children.

Children are designated to be from 5 years old to 14 years old.

Health Supplements:
Most of DHC's tablets and capsule-type supplements may be taken by children over the age of 5, as long as the child can safely swallow the supplements.

We recommend adjusting the dose according to the child's weight.

Notice about use by pets

Notice about use by pets

Please refrain from giving human supplements to animals.

Since body functions differ between humans and animals, some ingredients may cause unintended side effects.
DHC offers health supplement lineups for pets.

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